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Our History & Our Promise

Treating you the way we’d like to be treated for over 20 yrs

Our History & Promise

A Passion for Building

After working together for more than 30 years on the growth of Cardel Group, and building 1000’s of homes in the single-family market, Tim Logel and Ryan Ockey saw an opportunity in the multi-family market.

It was in 1999 that Tim, who was then vice president of Cardel Homes, started receiving feedback from the company’s single-family customers; increased land and housing costs were reducing affordability in the marketplace, and families wanted to help their children find an affordable place to live in the suburban areas of Calgary.

Tim realized that a multi-family operation, focusing on quality, customer service, and desirable communities, solved the challenges that customers were facing. These simple philosophies, coupled with the goal of exceeding customers’ expectations and treating people like they would want to be treated, provided the foundation for Cardel Lifestyles.

The company grew quickly during those early years because they did things differently. They made the decks bigger, widened the windows, threw in 60% more cabinetry, and offered people more choice and enduring value. They did more in an industry that focused on less and less. Most importantly, they made their homeowners the focus of day to day decision making by encouraging all employees to ask themselves “Will this add value to our customers?”. 

Meet Calgary’s #1 Multi-family Builder

In 2017, the company decided to build upon that same customer-focused mission by rebranding itself after its founder, Tim Logel. By leveraging the Logel name, Logel Homes was able to build a legacy for its namesake while also giving a sense of responsibility to all employees. Having the Logel name attached to projects ensures that the team will be reminded at every decision point of Tim’s vision and steadfast commitment to homeowners.