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This week on The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast, Reilly LePage of Logel Homes joins Greg and Kevin to discuss how home builders can begin to elevate the online home buying process by adopting new technology.

Home buyers need and want more information and buying power from home builders’ websites because they get it from all other industries, yet home builders can still be reluctant to make that readily available to customers. Reily explains, “The idea with a lot of homebuilders is, let’s not put our pricing and our availability and what we have to offer on our website or online anywhere. That will force the customer to come to us directly into the sales center or show home. But I think there’s a mark that’s being missed there because everybody’s so used to finding all the information they need or want in seconds with Google with their mobile phone, right? You can buy a car online. You do the majority of your shopping online nowadays.”

To gain insight into what customers expect from an online home buying process, home builders need to approach pointed questions from the home buyer’s viewpoint. Riley says, “So, I would just ask them to consider how are the customers’ perspectives changing. How are their buying journeys in other industries and with other products, how are those changing? Homebuilding, real estate, all the law that’s attached to it, are probably the slowest-moving beasts in both our countries. And so how do we kind of start to change that mentality?”

Home builders must begin to implement different aspects of the digital home buying process to continue to improve the home buying experience. Reilly says, “I think we do that by adopting these new technologies, understanding that prop tech has a place in new home sales. It’s always going to be one of the biggest purchases anybody ever makes, but why not make that smoother?”

Listen to this week’s episode to learn more about how home builders can make the home buying process easier and smoother.

About the Guest:

Reilly is a University of Calgary, Haskayne School of Business Marketing Alumni, a Logel Homes team member for over 12 years, and BILD Calgary Region committee member. Having developed a passion for homebuilding during his time in Sales, and now as the Sales and Marketing Manager, Reilly currently leads the team through initiatives including excellence in sales and customer service, and innovative marketing and advertising. The culmination of these efforts has led to recognition as one of Calgary’s top new home sales teams, as well as having some of the best marketing and presentation centers in the home building industry. These milestones have been complimented by a strong sales & marketing strategy showcasing both traditional and digital mediums, brought to fruition through a team effort.

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