We start by listening to the customer.

At Logel Homes, innovation is driven by our commitment to listening to our customers. By actively seeking and valuing customer feedback, we continuously refine our processes and designs to create homes that meet the ever-changing needs and wants of our customers. Our team and our consultants, developer partners, trades, and suppliers share an unwavering dedication to enhancing the customer experience, ensuring that every home we build is a genuine reflection of our customers' dreams.

Sustainability - Green Standards by Logel Homes

When we began our sustainable building practices, we realized that not only were we making a positive environmental impact, but we were able to save our homeowners money in the process. As a Built Green builder, we're committed to ensuring our developments are responsibly built, energy efficient, and healthy places for you and your family to live. We're excited to build solar ready, and in development specific areas, include solar panel systems. From materials and methods that include low VOC paints to a robust construction waste management program, customers will also be able to enjoy (pay for use) EV charging stations (development dependent).

Advanced Ventilation System

We are proud to include an Energy Recovery Ventilation system in every home. This energy-efficient technology is designed to draw fresh air from outside, filter it, warm it (as needed), and circulate clean air into your home, exhausting the old - In every individual condo.

Here's how it works:

  1. The supply fan draws fresh, filtered outdoor air into the Heat Recovery Ventilator (HRV), while the exhaust fan pulls old air out from the condo suite.
  2. In the exchanger, heat is extracted from the exhaust air, and transferred to the fresh air, without ever mixing the two.
  3. Warm, fresh filtered air is supplied to the suite, while the old air is exhausted outside.
  4. The pre-heat coil, which is only used during colder weather, will warm the fresh air to a minimum temperature to prevent system freeze-up. In the case of freeze-up operation, the system will mix fresh air with suite exhaust air to supply tempered air to the suite until freeze-up conditions subside.
  5. Additionally, homeowners can control exhaust volume through switches in bathrooms to act as a bath fan as necessary.

Acoustic Shield by Logel Homes

Introducing Acoustic Shield by Logel Homes, a first in market combination of materials and building techniques that provide the highest levels of sound dampening on all sides. Acoustic Shield uses the latest innovations in acoustic attenuation technology combined with real world testing to achieve best in class results. Homeowners will also enjoy enhanced fire protection that helps to provide a quieter, safer more comfortable living space.

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