Our Story

Acknowledged as Calgary’s most award-winning multi-family builder, Logel Homes is focused on attention to detail and continuous improvement in all parts of home building. Built on a legacy of innovation, quality, and a passion for exceptional customer experience, Logel Homes is setting the standard for multi-family housing.

Logel Homes was launched in 2017, but the origins of the company date back to 1978, when Chairman and CEO Tim Logel began working in the real estate and housing sector. In 1982, Tim started to learn the home building business and took a position with Cardel Homes. By 1996, he was vice president of the company. After working with thousands of customers, Tim began to receive feedback that single-family homes were becoming more expensive for some buyers, and that other housing options were needed in the city.

In 1999, Tim decided to shift his focus to multi-family condos and town homes—both efficient build forms—and soon co-founded Cardel Lifestyles, which quickly became one of Calgary’s top multi-family builders. By 2017, the company was growing, and both of Tim’s sons, Brayden and Kevin, as well as his brother Brad had joined the team. Looking forward, Tim decided to launch a new brand name for the company: Logel Homes.

Today, Logel Homes’ experienced, customer-focused team continues to work hard to find solutions for a diverse group of future homeowners and price ranges.

Moving Forward

As an active and long-standing member of Built Green Canada, Logel Homes is looking to the future by continuously exploring and applying improvements in energy efficiency and sustainable practices to all of the company’s projects. Logel Homes was the first multi-family builder in Calgary to bring a proprietary heat recovery ventilation system (HRV) to market in 2017 and we look forward to continuing to work with municipalities to reduce our environmental footprint through the promotion of solar and EV technologies in our projects.

At Logel Homes, we move forward knowing that our customers’ needs and preferences are always changing, which is why our team works closely with our dedicated trades, suppliers, and consultants—so we can keep our word and exceed our customers’ expectations.

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