Buyers Given Unprecedented Convenience and Control in the Home Buying Process Through Ownly

 CALGARY (July 17, 2023) – Logel Homes, Calgary’s most award-winning multi-family builder, is disrupting the traditional home buying experience in Alberta.  Utilizing the innovative platform, Ownly – a local Calgary proptech success story – Logel Homes is making history as the first multi-family builder in the province to empower customers with the revolutionary option of reserving a home online.

With Ownly, the real estate industry’s buyer verification and online home deposit platform, Logel Homes addresses the common struggle faced by potential buyers in gaining a comprehensive 360-degree view of their affordability. Through Ownly Verified, a zero-paperwork buyer verification process, prospective homebuyers can now discover their buying power in under three minutes – without the need for a hard credit check or mortgage pre-approval. This streamlined process empowers buyers to validate their identity through a patented two-factor identification process with bank-level encryption and obtain a real-time valuation of their current residence. Additionally, Ownly verifies income and liabilities, providing buyers with all the necessary information at their fingertips. With the convenience of the platform, Logel Homes buyers can seamlessly make a reservation on their desired home and proceed to put down the reservation deposit entirely online, simplifying the home buying journey and turning what is typically an arduous and stressful experience into a hyper-positive one.

“Logel Homes is committed to innovation, transparency and removing friction from the home buying process while instilling confidence in our customers,” said Braden Logel, executive vice president for Logel Homes. “We understand that doubt and lack of clarity often plague homebuyers. This is an industry that covets information, and it is not always readily available online. By integrating Ownly into our online purchasing platform, we are offering transparency including fully disclosing prices and inventory online. By eliminating these obstacles, our aim is to create an environment of trust and certainty.”

Logel Homes progressive move to online sales aligns with their desire to continuously improve all parts of the home building process – a shift that resonates in particular with a younger demographic, who are already accustomed to conducting various activities online. Simultaneously, Logel Homes remains committed to engaging a diverse group of future homeowners across different price ranges through unique incentives including being the first builder to offer customers Air Miles rewards for reserving and purchasing a home online. This groundbreaking initiative is made possible through Ownly’s first-of-its-kind partnership with Air Miles. This approach solidifies Logel Homes’ position as a trailblazer, continually striving to offer unparalleled benefits and opportunities to their valued customers.

Logel Homes and Ownly are proud to introduce this game-changing advancement in the homebuying process. Through their combined expertise and dedication to customer satisfaction, they are reshaping the way people buy homes, ensuring a seamless, secure, empowering and transparent experience for all. For more information on either company, please visit https://www.logelhomes.com and https://ownly.re.

About Logel Homes

Though Logel Homes was officially launched in 2017, President and CEO Tim Logel, began to plant the company’s roots in 1978 by working in the real estate and housing sector. Throughout his career, Tim has connected with thousands of customers, gaining him a considerable amount of experience and feedback on the housing options in the city. Realizing that single-family homes were becoming less accessible for some buyers; Logel shifted his focus to providing more housing options such as multi-family condos and townhouses. With his innovative idea for expanding the housing market, Logel co-founded one of Calgary’s top multi-family builders, Cardel Lifestyles. With high demand and an honourable reputation, the company was growing. In 2017 both Tim’s sons, Brayden and Kevin and his brother Brad joined the growing team. Becoming a family-run business, Logel set in motion the new brand for the company- Logel Homes.

About Ownly

Ownly is North America’s most comprehensive e-commerce platform for residential real estate. Founded by Canadian proptech entrepreneurs Jason Hardy and Ray Yip, Ownly has simplified the homebuying process with the introduction of price certainty and transparency for consumers through a seamless start-to-finish online process. Customers can shop for, design, finance and buy new homes entirely online, from any device. Ownly works with leading ERP, CRM and lot management software delivering unprecedented data and insights into customer shopping behaviours and buying preferences. Ownly makes real estate easier. For more information, visit https://ownly.re.

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