Built Green: Logel Homes Sets a Higher Standard

Hundreds more BUILT GREEN® Certified Homes in Calgary

Logel Homes has recently enrolled 11 projects in our BUILT GREEN® High Density program—accounting for 530 units built to be healthier, more sustainable homes: verified through certification. Calgary homebuyers can look out for Sage WalkSeton West, and Auburn Rise—all now selling.

“Both from the perspective of the organization, as well as our customer base, sustainability is a key focus,” says Reilly LePage, sales and marketing manager at Logel Homes. “It’s important to us, not only to build high-quality, affordable condos and townhomes, but to do it environmentally responsibly.”

With a line-up of projects slated for BUILT GREEN® certification, this forward-thinking company has made an impressive commitment to third-party certification—and to producing a better product for customers. Built Green Canada has taken note.

“Those who make the most of our programs tend to approach them creatively, finding which pathways work best to build on their sustainability goals. Along the way, these builders engage and educate staff, trades, and homebuyers,” says Jenifer Christenson, chief executive officer at Built Green Canada. “An entire industry is pushed forward when individuals emerge who go beyond building code requirements and, in so doing, set a higher standard. It is here that Logel Homes stands out.

Their team often reconvenes around the questions: how can we build better and what do our customers want? Some solutions came in the form of third-party certification through Built Green Canada.

The BUILT GREEN® programs are informed by new technologies, building code changes, and input from the Technical Standards’ Committee, Board of Directors, and from wider industry—all of which help ensure the programs continue to provide BUILT GREEN® builders with rigorous, achievable ways to build on their sustainability goals. These programs follow a holistic approach, focusing on energy efficiency, alongside other areas of sustainable development, including materials and methods; indoor air quality and ventilation; waste and water management; and business practices, both of the builder and their trades.

Working alongside BUILT GREEN® High Density Verifier, Erik Heck, associate principal at Integral Group, Logel Homes went through Built Green’s program, starting with its checklist. They found various paths to achieving certification—so, depending on project location and homebuyer needs and wants, the Logel team has been able to make cost-effective, sustainable choices: enhancing building appeal. For many of their customers, a top priority is living in a greener building, verified with certification.

LePage says, “Certifying our projects through the BUILT GREEN® program shows our customers, the market, and the industry that we’re committed to building sustainably.”

They also found that the program rewarded some of what they were already doing. Logel is proud to be an industry leader in implementing heat recovery ventilators (HRV): a feature that earns them points in the BUILT GREEN® program under Ventilation. As builders know, this ventilation device captures heat from stale air leaving the house, and uses its energy to preheat fresh air coming into the house. During the cooling season, an HRV can reverse this process, removing some heat from incoming air and transferring it to outgoing air. Simply, it’s an efficient tool for better air quality.

In the Logel Homes’ show suites, not only do they showcase their finished product, but they educate homebuyers on the benefits of a more sustainably built home—highlighting key features and their functions. LePage says that HRVs hit the mark. “We were ahead of the curve, implementing HRV technology, and our customer reaction was hugely positive”.

And customer satisfaction is a priority that’s paid off: with happy homebuyers and commendations! Logel Homes is seven-time recipient of Customer Insight’s Best Customer Experience award—based solely on the voice of the customer.

They’re an industry leader in customer service, quality, and innovation—for all of which, environmentally responsible building practices are a key component. They’ve stood behind this, with an impressive commitment to third-party certification. The company has won awards from BILD Calgary, BILD Alberta, Customer Insight, and Canada’s Best Managed Companies. And their sister company, Cardel Lifestyles, has also certified over 170 units through the BULT GREEN® High Density program.

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