Sage Walk: Calgary’s latest nature-enriched condo community

Sage Walk Nature Rendering

Many homeowners love the convenience of suburban life but lament the distance between home and nature. Logel Homes decided to offer a solution.

Set on the fringes of one of Calgary’s rich nature reserves, Sage Walk brings residents up-close and personal to their natural environment without compromising the convenience of having popular amenities close by. Still in the construction phase, this condo community promises to be a welcome addition to Calgary’s vibrant North West.

Livabl spoke to Sage Walk’s Reilly LePage to get a look behind the scenes at this upcoming development.

First off – tell us a bit about the neighbourhood and why you picked this location to develop.
Sage Hill is one of the most amenity-rich communities in Calgary’s North West. With major shopping and commercial landmarks like a future TNT Supermarket, Wine & Beyond, Walmart, restaurants and shops, Sage Hill met and exceeded one of our guiding principles of building in A+ locations. This type of location means walkability, shopping, and commercial amenities, all of which are just outside our residents’ doorstep. Calgarians love the NW for its quick access to the Rocky Mountains, international airport, U of C, and downtown. We’re excited to be able to provide customers with affordable, quality condos in one of the best locations in NW Calgary.

Calgary and Alberta are doing well economically – what makes the city an attractive place to live?
Calgary’s energy is unmatched, both literally and figuratively speaking. It’s a young, highly diverse, vibrant place to live and work. Perhaps most importantly, there is tremendous value in Calgary when it comes to real estate – A city where home ownership is attainable. Commutes and housing prices are only half of what we see in other cities like Vancouver and Toronto. Diversification is a point of pride here as both our city’s inhabitants and economy diversify within the energy, tech, and arts space. Some of Canada’s best success stories in technology got their start here. As a city of international caliber, Calgary is home to a considerable amount of entrepreneurial spirit, some of Canada’s best restaurants, an impressive film and art industry and music scene – all at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. With these ingredients combined with our love for outdoor activities, it’s rare to hear of a bored Calgarian.

There seem to be a lot of amenities nearby – what will the neighbourhood have to offer?
There are currently over 50 retail locations for homeowners to visit including Sobeys, COOP grocery, Wine & Beyond, future TNT Supermarket, restaurants, café’s, and banks. Our residents are excited about the 384,000 square feet of retail all within walking distance from Sage Walk. The neighbourhood is also full of beautiful walking paths – as you look around you’ll take in a breath of fresh air from the nature reserve, and enjoy the views of the wildflowers scattering the pathways and wildlife – deer and rabbits being a few of our favourites.

How important is nature to the development?
As the rest of the homebuilding industry shies away from landscaping and pet-friendly developments, we lean into it. We put a lot of effort into our outdoor spaces. Sage will feature treed pathways, a park and pergola, green spaces and park benches, all set along 11 km’s of pathways surrounding a 25 square km nature reserve. Sage Walk has been purposely designed to connect and engage condo homeowners with their surroundings. There are great views and a unique sense of connection with the outdoors around Sage Walk – a rarity within city limits. Our homeowners will love being inside their unit just as much as they’ll love exploring the outdoors around them.

How do you set the balance between affordability and design?
Affordability and design are half of the equation when it comes to how Logel Homes differentiates our condos. It’s part of our main focus, the other half being quality and customer service. By working with the same trade and supply partners for years, focusing on quality, and being the largest volume builder in our market segment, we’re able to pass those cost savings onto our customers. By designing our floor plans in-house with feedback from customers and multiple departments within Logel Homes, we’re able to offer both innovative floor plans and affordable pricing.


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